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News and information about VSI

GCPR Paper

Our Paper “SDNet: Semantically Guided Depth Estimation Network” has been accepted for publication at the GCPR 2019.

CVPR Workshop Paper

Our Paper “DistanceNet: Estimating Traveled Distance from Monocular Images using a Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network” is accepted for publication at the CVPR Workshop on Autonomous Driving 2019.


Our Paper “Simulated Autonomous Driving in a Realistic Driving Environment using Deep Reinforcement Learning and a Deterministic Finite State Machine” is accepted for presentation at the 2019th Applications of Intelligent Systems (APPIS 2019).

LOEWE Project

We have obtained a 2.5 years grant for a research project in visual traffic surveillance that comprises an effort of 6 person years. This project is performed in the framework of the LOEWE program of the state of Hessen and in close cooperation with an industrial player.

Best Paper Award

Our paper “CNN-based multi-frame IMO detection from a monocular camera” has won the second position at the Best Paper Paper Award at Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2018!

ECCV Workshop Papers

The papers “Exploiting single image depth prediction for mono-stixel estimation” and “Detecting parallel-moving objects in the monocular case employing CNN depth maps” are accepted at the CVRSUAD and GMDL workshop at ECCV.